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Interior Tips

General tips

  • Create a new focal point in a dull room by bringing your china cabinet into the living room, for instance. Accessories the shelves with decorative plants, pictures, books, vases, candles, etc.
  • Work your artwork in and around the furniture for a surprising twist.
  • For the most spacious feeling in a room, the ceiling should be white. But for a cozy look, consider painting the ceiling an accent colour or mounting faux beams. Create surprise by hanging potted plants from high beams in a vaulted ceiling room.
  • An inverted "V" arrangement facing the focal point will give a change of pace from the more standard arrangement configurations.
  • Look for other stable pieces of furniture to place in front of the sofa other than the standard coffee table. Try ottomans, a large chest, a chess set on a display, stacked futons.
  • Look throughout your home for unique pieces of furniture that aren't getting the attention they deserve. Bring them into the living room or family room where they will be functional and more appreciated.
  • Try using odd things for rods: old golf clubs, PVC pipe that has been decorated, a broom stick, tennis rackets that have been jazzed up.
  • Plate racks can become instant cornices at your windows. As the seasons change, so do the plates.
  • Stack old suitcases on top of each other to create an instant lamp table or a small coffee table. Drape a scarf over them or set books on top of them.
  • For a custom look on the readymade drapes, sew on bullion fringe to the bottom or use a hot glue gun to attach it. It will really take them to the next level quite easily and quickly.
  • Look for unusual items to collected together and mount in a shadow box. It can become a very good conversation piece. Don't try to arrange too many things together in one place as that can become tedious to look at.
  • Make furniture multi-task: Space-saving is everybody’s mantra today, and the only way to do it is by making the furniture multi-task. For instance, make the chest of drawers in your bedroom double up as a dresser. Maybe couple of the drawers can function as a shoe rack. Having an easy to pull out trundle bed in your kids’ room will accommodate both your children without compromising on space.


  • Mirrors are best interior decorating accessory without which decoration of place is incomplete and dull. Apart from dressing mirrors, they are being incorporated on walls, hanged on the ceilings with strings or used on doors to create visual appearance easier and for accentuating interior effects.
  • Mirrors are being employed to serve multi-purpose such as to personify ourselves and for functional purpose. The market has several types of interior mirrors that enhance look of the home and also used as functional device. They can be decorated at any place such as to beautify walls, doors, placing on mantel and so on.
  • Any part of home interiors can be graced up with decorative mirrors designs while the most attractive way to enhance beauty with mirror is by placing them on behind the table lying at the front door. By doing so you will surely could give yourself a final touch when leaving home.
  • Another sundry way to beautify the interiors with mirror is keeping them on the walls so that they reflect everything kept near around to create magic all over.
  • A wide range of designer framed mirrors can be now purchased to decorate your home interiors in varied sizes, shapes and frames. Oval, rectangular and square shaped decorative mirrors are most preferred by home owners to reflect the surroundings and making interiors more beautiful.
  • Full length mirror are eventually used for varied purpose other than dressing such as in the living room wall specially designed to keep a mirror for attractive interiors.

Candle Holders

  • Pick a beautiful candle holder or stand and stick a candle into it. Candle holders are not new to this trend while the only change has come to its representation and decorative element. Today candle stand is a part of interior décor design to add glory and enigmatic charm to the ambience.
  • Beautiful candle holders can create exquisitely romantic and mesmerizing ambience in interior décor. These candle holders are piece of artwork that can be kept both indoors & outdoors to enhance the beauty and lush.
  • Candle holders can be availed in wide range such as wrought iron, wood, steel, iron, etc and cast in several designer shapes or engraved to make it valuable piece of décor. They can be easily accommodated safely anywhere to add decorative touch thereby lighting the scene with ease.
  • While for safety purpose metal candle holder is preferable because they not have aesthetic designs but are also functional and safe to use.
  • Wooden candle holders are easy to use undoubtedly yet they have a drawback of catching fire if candle is not burnt cautiously. Yet wooden candle stands most preferable because they are economical and give classic look.
  • Another variety in candle holder is translucent glass holders that are most sought after pieces & specific item for typical interior décor. These glass candle holder are prized for their mystical and rare designs.
  • Brass candle holders are attractive and can be purchased in several beautiful & enchanting designs.
  • To spur the aroma and romance in the atmosphere of décor lit up scented candles in the beautifully engraved candle holder. Candle stands are perfect emblem of antiquity and let the serenity of candle captivate your life with them.

Texture paint

  • Apart from their obvious visual advantage, texture paints protect your walls from damage. They also easily cover up cracks and uneven surfaces which regular paint doesn’t. Textured paint, especially stucco is great for old, uneven walls.
  • The effects that can be achieved with texture paint are several.
  • Some common ways to add texture include ragging, sponging and even dabbing a towel on the wet paint to leave behind its imprint.

Mood lighting

  • Mood lighting is soft lighting that is used more for its aesthetic appeal than for actual illumination. It is meant to complement and not replace regular lighting. It is often used to highlight a particular feature like a painting, ceiling etc.
  • Shelf-lighting - To instantly give any space a face lift, consider lighting up the shelf unit in a room.
  • Display lighting - Another way to create a soft, warm mood in the home is to light a particular sculpture or painting with a display light.
  • Cove lighting - A cove is a recess made in the ceiling. This requires planning when a home is being built or re-constructed. Light the cove with a white, yellow or coloured light in the bedroom and living room.
  • Backlights - Use backlights on certain elements to highlight it. Backlights have the effect of creating a slight silhouette while at the same time, drawing attention to the object.
Disclaimer:- The imagery used in the website is indicative of style only. The photographs of the interiors, surrounding views and location may have been digitally enhanced or altered and do not represent actual views or surrounding views. These photographs are indicative only.

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