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Maintenance Tips


  • A clean floor is not only good to look at but very much desirable in view of good hygiene and safety.
  • Floors don't take very kindly to dragging of heavy furniture or other items especially those with metal bases. Shift such articles, by lifting them completely off the floor, or after inserting some suitable padding like a pack of newspaper or rubber sheeting between the supports and the flooring if they are too heavy to be carried.
  • Cleaning with acid or wire brushes is the best way to damage your flooring, so avoid it totally. Use vacuum cleaner for floor cleaning instead of detergent. An effective and inexpensive remedy is a mixture of two spoonfuls of kerosene to a bucket of water to mop the floor. This will help your floors retain their shine with the added bonus of keeping cockroaches at bay.


  • You can avoid cracking the walls by using hand driven augers or jumping bits. Portable drills are (the best option) to drill holes and then plugging them with wetted 'Rawal' plugs to hold the screws.
  • Don't forget to check for concealed electrical wiring before driving in any screws. It could be a shocking experience for anyone.
  • If paint bubbles appear above skirting or below sill, indicate that the inside moisture is trying to come out. Drill holes and allow it to come out. Leave for a month or so and then paint the area with breathable paint.
  • Use drill bit, rawal plug and screws instead of nail and hammer. Screwing is the correct option.
  • Use proper drill and rawal plugs.
  • Clean the walls and ceilings regularly and do not allow cobwebs to appear.


  • Dirt and grit damage carpet by rubbing against the carpet fibers. Carpet sweepers and rakes can remove surface dirt, but regular vacuuming (as often as possible-some manufacturers recommend one day per week per person in the household) prevents the deep abrasion that ruins carpet.
  • Remember to empty the vacuum or change the disposable bags often.
  • Choose a vacuum with:
    • Dual motors (one motor provides suction while the other powers a beater bar that loosens dirt).
    • Good filtration.
    • Correct brush height adjustment for your type of carpet.
    • A beater bar or rotating brush which loosens the dirt and grit better than a canister vacuum.
    • A top-loading bag instead of a bottom-loading bag.
       NOTE: Vacuum brushes can damage some thick loop pile. Use a suction-only vacuum for these carpets.
  • TIP: Sprinkling salt an hour before vacuuming brightens carpet.
  • TIP: Hold a steam iron over flattened carpet to pull the fiber up. Be sure not to touch the carpet with the iron.
  • TIP: Allow a nice cube to melt in indentations left by furniture for the carpet fibers to rise again.

Upholstered furniture

Clean ability codes are listed on furniture tags to assist consumers with appropriate care. Since the dyes or backings on some upholstery fabrics will be affected by water or spot cleaners, the cleanability code tells which cleaning method is safest for your fabric. If your furniture is not coded, test the fabric for damage or color change on a hidden part of the furniture before spot cleaning. The code is as follows:
  • (W): Use only water-based cleaning agents or foam. Mix two tablespoons of ammonia or ammoniated detergent to a quart of water. Wipe the stain gently with a cloth dampened with the solution. Continue turning the cloth so you are always using a clean portion.
  • (S): Use only mild, pure, water-free dry cleaning solvent. Wet a cloth with the spot cleaner and follow the same procedure as described above.
  • (WS): Either of the above methods may be used.
  • (X): Clean fabric only by vacuuming or light brushing to remove soil. Do not use liquid cleaning agents of any type.

Blot up stains as quickly as possible. Do not rub. Prompt attention to stains increases success in removing them. Even stain-resistant finishes offer only temporary protection. The furniture industry recommends professional cleaning when overall cleaning is necessary. The cleaning code should be called to the attention of your professional cleaner. A part of the instruction for each code designation is Caution: Never remove cushion covers for separate dry cleaning or washing. Any cleaning method that requires the removal of the covers from the cushions can destroy the backing, shrink, or otherwise damage upholstery fabric.

How to Fix Ripped Wallpaper

  • Just as the flaking wall paint, wallpaper does tend to get ripped off due to dampness or other reasons. As the wallpaper ages with the time, it often leave trail by falling down from the walls which should be fixed in proper time to protect it from extreme damage. Getting ripped wallpaper repaired, require money to redone it but it may cost you less if you are having the falling pieces of wallpaper.
  • Although fixing the ripped wallpaper is an easy task but with the leftover pieces you have, will reduce the over spending of time as well as of money. Some of the wallpaper consumes time while others are easy to repair. Explore some as how you can repair and fix falling wallpaper in several different ways:
  • Mend the problem of damaged wallpaper by plucking out the unnecessary shrinks and protruding areas from the wallpaper. You need to have sharp edge knife to cut the bubbles and shrink area from the wallpaper that interrupt the beauty of wall. After cutting the specific damaged part, replace it with same kind new wallpaper.
  • After cutting the portion from the wallpaper bring some extra wallpaper matching to the already existing and cut into proper shape. Apply the cut wallpaper with apt adhesive onto the wall with force.
  • Large rips that had fallen or tear from the wallpaper have to be treated either by getting a piece of wallpaper photocopied or by replacing it with new wallpaper. New wallpaper may pose a threat to your pocket & budget while getting a damaged portion of wallpaper Xerox is cheaper and durable option. Make sure the quality of photocopy and paper is fine lest it will give unfinished look.
  • Apparently small tears on the wallpaper can also be fixed by applying photocopy or extra piece of wallpaper with apt adhesive. Extra wallpaper are given at the time installation but if any case you don’t have it, get an extract of wallpaper to have a photocopy of it and paste over the damaged area.
Disclaimer:- The imagery used in the website is indicative of style only. The photographs of the interiors, surrounding views and location may have been digitally enhanced or altered and do not represent actual views or surrounding views. These photographs are indicative only.

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