home improvement ideas for small houses

10 Smart Space Saving Hacks for Your Apartment

Whether you’ve recently moved from a suburb to a city or moved out of your parents home for the first time, it’s likely that you’re moving into a modest 1 or 2 bhk apartment with a few space constraints rather than a two story villa.
Each and every living space presents its own benefits and challenges, if you’re facing a dilemma of the new space feeling and looking cramped, here are 10 surefire ways to make the most of your new home.
Check out these 10 home improvement ideas for small houses and apartments.

1. Free Up Your Entrance

The entrance of your home that welcomes visitors should be usable, functional, free flowing and have an area for quick and efficient manoeuvring. Put a bench or a seating area to remove shoes and place kids’ backpacks out of view. If you don’t have space for a bench, make sure you have wall-mounted hooks and open knick-knack shelving. Another great idea to give an illusion of a bigger house is to put a large mirror on the wall to mimic the lighting of a much larger area.

2. Make Cooking More Convenient

The kitchen is the soul of your entire house. It is also the busiest since the entire family will be frequenting the space often times a day. Hence it must be practical, accommodating, and enjoyable to spend time here. The space is most likely to become a mess if it is not designed with the family’s needs in mind. Use drawer organisers for dry goods and food storage containers to maximise room in your pantry with vertical storage shelving. To free up space underneath your counters, add overhead pot and pan storage. Install wall hooks to keep your small cookware organised and easy to access while freeing up cabinet space for groceries. When looking for home interior design ideas for small houses, do not forget to include the kitchen space.

3. Improve Storage in the Bathroom

The bathroom is hardly ever considered as a multifunctional space, but when you’re short of storage in other rooms, the bathrooms can be a nifty space to unlock some extra storage. Bathrooms can use open shelving and baskets under the sink. The mirror on the wall can double as a medicine cabinet to save space elsewhere in the house. A shoe organiser may become a space saver for life, carrying lipstick, combs & brushes, jewellery, and even accessories such as scarves and belts. This is one of the must implement tips for small space living!

4. Make More “Room” in Public Rooms!

The living room gets the most traffic from friends dropping over, watching TV with family and you sprawling out on the sofa during a game! With multifunctional furniture such as ottomans holding video game accessories and coffee tables with drawers and open shelving below, you can maximise the space here. When your busiest rooms are packed with people, you’ll love having a hidden space. A great way to make more room in a small house!

5. Liven Up The Children’s Rooms

Children’s rooms should reflect their dreams, whether your child is a newborn or a teenager. From studying to playing, and daydreaming the space must be multifunctional! To keep desks and surrounding spaces free of clutter, maximise space by hanging artwork and assignments on bulletin boards, art wire, or other organisational accessories. If you have small children, opt for bunk beds. The frame and the ladder of the bunk bed can double as a bookcase or storage shelf.

6. Maximize Space in Your Bedroom

All bedrooms in your home should be a refuge where you retreat to ensconce yourself in comfort. Avoid bedroom clutter by ensuring the proper use of your closets, ideally go for wall closets that are built attached on to the wall. Store clothes which are out of the season in under-bed storage containers and invest in closet organisers that separate clothing types, accessories, shoes, and more. Also, use mellow colours such as blue and white to create a soothing environment.

7. Create A Mini Home Office

If your house doesn’t have space for a dedicated office space, then you can use up a section of your bedroom for an office nook instead. Use shelving that goes up instead of occupying space. Use retractable or folding furniture and also invest in organizers for better cable management. You can use zip ties, office clips and even rubber bands to ensure that all your wires and cables are in place.

8. Optimize Your Laundry Storage

While it may be the house’s least-loved space, optimising your laundry storage may be a lifesaver! One of the easiest ways to do so is with counter space for folding, shelves or cabinets for detergents at arm’s length, and a hanging area for drying, ironing, etc. You can also store some non essential stuff like extra towels and bedsheets here to free up space from your bedroom closets.

9. Hiding Stuff in the Garage Is a “No-No”

Though many assume that the garage is for storing things you don’t want to see again, think again! By purging redundant furniture, broken appliances, and more, your garage room can be maximised. Install overhead ceiling racks for luggage, leisure equipment, seasonal decorations and lawn equipment to maximise the space you have.

10. Add Plants To The Mix

If you’ve shifted from a spacious suburban home with a garden and a lawn, it can be quite suffocating to shift to an apartment. Other than the common garden areas, you can add a dash of plant life to nooks inside your home using space saving plant arrangements. You can use wall hanging pots with hooks, vertical hanging, creepers, or even Plant walls (Moss/Grass is grown on the wall space) to freshen up the place.

Shift to a Smarter, Greener, Spacious Apartment

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