Happy Diwali

5 Diwali Decor Hacks for Your Home

All of us have fond childhood memories of the festive air at home during Diwali. Memories that enlighten our lives us in a warm blanket of nostalgia; of decorating our home, lighting earthen diyas, indulging in yummy sweets, dressing up in a new attire and meeting extended family & friends.

While the festive spirit remains true even today, life has transformed since then in multiple ways. Most of us go through an ultra busy Monday-Friday routine, with only weekends to finish our hores and unwind, thus leaving us little time to decorate our home.

Happy Diwali - Diyas

Hence, we’ve put together a 5-step guide for a Diwali decor, that will instantly bring festive vibes to your home:

1. Focus on the entrance of your home: If you’re short on time or resources, make sure that the entrance and facade of your house have been decked up. According to both Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, all energy, positive energy enters your home through the main door. Besides, it also makes the first impression on both your guests and neighbours. Therefore, it makes complete sense to decorate the main door of your home before you proceed with the interiors. Place a single statement piece such as an ‘urli’ with floating candles, make a floral rangoli or hang a paper lantern to set the tone, and finish it off with flowers and lights of your choice.

2. Pick a theme for your Diyas: Having an overall theme instantly boosts the aesthetic appeal of your home decor. Besides, it makes shopping for diyas less time consuming. While most people prefer the traditional earthen diyas to light up the house, you could get more creative by picking a theme for festive home decor. Whether it is Moroccan theme, eclectic theme or traditional Indian theme, know what you want before you start decorating. Use floating candles, floral arrangements and chic candle holders to enhance the festive mood.

3. Get the warm/yellow lights fired up: Chuck the white lights and switch to warm yellow lights for an instant festive glow in the house. While white light is great for reading and visibility, soft yellow lights blend well with the light emitted by candles, diyas and lanterns. It will also make your home decor look rich, warm and festive. You could also use colourful lamp shades to further accentuate the cheerful decor.

Diyas Happy Diwali Decor

4. Keep fairy lights handy: Throw along a string of fairy lights along windows, doors or walls to add festive cheer with minimal effort. Brighten up dull corners by placing empty glass jars and bottles filled with fairy lights. If you want extra bright and colourful accents that go with the boisterous spirit of Diwali, either use colourful fairy lights or paint the glass containers that you’re planning to place them in.

Fairy Lights - Diwali Decor

5. Festive curtains and upholstery: Give your home an instant festive makeover by updating the curtains, cushion covers and other upholstery. Deck up windows and doors with sheer curtains in vibrant / contrasting hues, and dress up the cushions and bolsters in rich, textured fabrics that complement the rest of the decor.