6 Ways to Add Zen to your Home

Make your home a tranquil oasis where you can de-stress and unwind every day. The ancient philosophy of Zen is not just about meditation, but when we apply it to real life, it takes another dimension of having a space, simple and soothing for ourselves. What can be a better way, than to have such a space in your own home. By adding Zen to your home you enjoy a quality and stress-free life. Here are some means from which you can draw some inspiration and take care of stress-inducing hormones like never before.

Peace at First Sight: The entrance to your home should be clean and clear. Transform it into an oasis, so that you feel relieved the moment you step-in. Incorporate a shoe storage at the entrance itself and steer it clear of unnecessary clutter. Try to make it inviting, airy and soothing to eyes and have that feeling aloud, that you are


Bring the Outdoor Indoor: With options aplenty of indoor plants, making the indoors green and light will be easier than ever. Place bonsai plants and bamboo trees indoor to make your home lively and inviting. Zen décor is all about loving nature. Adding a water fountain in your living room and basking in the sound of water will be absolute bliss.


Natural Aroma: Have you ever wondered why you feel stress-free the moment you enter a spa? It’s the natural, stress-free aroma that soothes your senses the moment you step-in. These essential, aromatic oils are natural way of inviting that Zen essence at home. It will naturally create a peaceful and positive ambience at home. So, make your home smell fresh with natural scents and let positivity take over.



Pastel & Earthly Tones: Let soft hues and natural colours play. Whether it is the entrance to your home or that little Zen corner you have created at home for yourself, ensure you add a pastel hue to it. Soothing to eyes, it is the perfect way to create a spacious and roomy feeling. You don’t need to get the wall painted, adding some décor piece in earthy colours and curtains and drapes in pastel shades can do the trick too.


Let in the Light: Natural light has some charm about it, airy and bright, it makes you feel refreshed and brings you close to nature. Choose your window treatment carefully and let sunlight play its magic. Along with natural light, you can bring task lighting to play too. Get table and floor lamps to enjoy that warm lighting at home. Overhead lights can be harsh and will inhibit in making you have a peaceful ambience at home.


Simplicity is the Key: Minimal furniture, clear space, clean tones and lines will help you have that perfect Zen interior at home. Keep accessories and home ornaments to a minimum and enjoy that open space at home. Don’t let energy get blocked by too many furniture pieces at home. Follow the same rule when it comes to home décor.

Soak in a serene ambience at your home with these simple yet truly effective means. Zen after all is about balance of body and mind. We help you with such zen gardens and Koi Carp fish ponds in the exterior and spacious homes in the interior, a little-bit of fine designing will help you experience Zen at home, like never before. For such blissful homes, visit a Puravankara project near you and feel the Zen in the air. Our locations are carefully chosen, homes prudently designed ensuring unobstructed flow of positive energy in your nest, at all times.

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