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Advantages of Living Close to the Bengaluru Airport

Do you have constant air trips for business/official purposes? Do you travel a lot throughout the year for personal vacations? While taking air trips can be exciting, getting at the airport battling the constant traffic might not be so exciting. Would not you agree? Especially, if you are based out of Bengaluru, reaching the Bengaluru International Airport can be a nightmare at peak hours. So, what’s the way out? Well, you can choose to live near the airport! If you are on the lookout for some of the best-in-class apartments near the international airport, Bengaluru, this article is for you!   

Why Live Near Bengaluru Airport?

Before we delve deeper, let’s understand what are the advantages of living near the airport in Bengaluru. 

A High-growth Corridor

If you have been a Bengaluru localite, you would have heard of the Devanahalli fort and scenic area surrounding it and might have seen its transformation from a regal architectural place to a high-growth corridor over the years. Well, the close proximity to the Bengaluru international airport has been the catalyst behind this transformation. 

Compared to the last decade, a humongous number of real estate property developments are taking place around the airport region. And, this growth is not only limited to just properties, and apartments for sale. A high number of educational institutions are also taking the advantage of this high-growth corridor to establish their presence, and flourish. Given the space crunch for SEZ complexes in the heart of silicon valley, more and more large-scale IT enterprises are thinking of moving to these greener pastures. So, these properties near Bengaluru International airport are going to be in high demand for the foreseeable future. 

Top-notch Accessibility

Accessibility, is not it the prime concern most of us consider while purchasing a home? Well, none of us would wish to spend hours at stretch commuting to work, and the same goes for our children too. Putting our kids through long bus rides to and from school does not sit well. We have some exciting news for you! Living near Bengaluru can be rewarding in more than one way. You can relish the excellent proximity to widely recognized schools, colleges, office premises, etc. And, you can skip the Bengaluru traffic effectively with the well-connected flyovers, roads, expressways that remain accessible 24/7. 

High Returns on Investment

As we have already mentioned, the residential projects near the Bengaluru international airport are our best bets at investment. While the projects may seem pricey at present, given the high-growth courier, and commercial opportunities, the appreciation values are expected to rise substantially. So, let’s not think about what you are going to pay for today. Rather think about what you are gonna get 5 or 10 years down the road. 

The surrounding localities of Bengaluru international airport have been home to a large number of commercial and retail establishments, and these are expected to evolve more as high-growth zones. Thus, the demand and popularity of residential, and commercial properties are expected to stay in trend. So, wait no more, and get started right away! 

Versatile Investment Options

Always wanted to open your own shop or restaurant in an established place and always came up short finding the dream space in the bustling Bengaluru city? Well, no more. The Bengaluru airport nearby regions are your go-to options to start afresh and take it each step at a day. 

If you have been always dreamed of buying an abode that offers you the combo of old-world charm as well as modern amenities, the apartments near the international airport, Bengaluru are your blessings in disguise. Whatever is your preferences, be it a pragmatic, and modern home or a home with ample indoor, and outdoor spaces, or be it a cozy, little, dreamy space, the flats near the airport are great grabs. If you are looking for an investment purpose rather than residing there, you won’t have to look beyond these flats. You are assured premium appreciation today, and tomorrow! 

Good Quality of Life

Quality of life, isn’t it the most important objective most of us have for us, and our family members? However, in the need to stay at the forefront of everything, we move at a breakneck speed that leaves less scope for ascertaining a good quality of life. Meeting the daily expectations keeps most of us at the edge, and we stress out all over again. However, homes being our ultimate sanctuaries can prove to enhance the QoL quotient effectively. And, when it is a home near the Bengaluru airport, you are assured of the same. 

Wondering, why? Well, to start with, the social infrastructure near the airport is phenomenal. The high rises don’t entail watching the bustling city life that may make you more anxious than relaxed. Apart from essential public infrastructure such as schools, colleges, offices, these properties near Bengaluru airport are home to several entertainment zones too. So, you can rest your worries regarding not being able to take your kids to their fav play places or missing out on the vibrant and boisterous Bengaluru nightlife. 

Given the wide-scale popularity of the airport surrounding regions as the major residential, and commercial hub, you will see a plethora of billboards from several real estate developers. Some may offer advantages related to the apartment features, some regarding the price while some are focused on the amenities. You will find all types of luxury, semi-luxury, and pragmatic living spaces to cater to both the elite class population and the working ones too. Puravankara, one of the top real estate brands in India is your ultimate destination if you are looking for the trio – sophistication, luxury, and price advantage. 

Puravankara brings to you Purva Zenium, homes that represent a perfect blend of everything futuristic – location, community, technology, as well as world-class fixtures & fittings by brands of international repute. Spread across a sprawling 10-acre area, Purva Zenium offers 2 & 3 BHK intelligent homes that are all set to offer you the uber-luxurious and convenient community living experience that you have always craved. 

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