Unlocking Bengaluru’s North: Your Guide to Premium Investment Zones

Are you in search of a lucrative investment opportunity in the realm of real estate? Look no further than Bengaluru, often referred to as India’s Silicon Valley. Presenting itself as a top-tier option, North Bengaluru has emerged as a focal point for both urban development and real estate growth.

Before delving into the prime areas for property investment in North Bengaluru, let’s dissect the pivotal factors that have underpinned the surge in real estate activity within this region.

The urban landscape of North Bengaluru encapsulates modern living and innovation, rendering it a compelling choice for potential investors. The demand for real estate in this area is experiencing an unprecedented upswing, matched only by the rapid pace of development.

If you are considering venturing into real estate investment within North Bengaluru, you’ve landed at the right destination. This article presents an all-encompassing inventory of the choicest investment locales in this region, ensuring an informed and calculated investment decision.

Before embarking on this journey of exploration, it’s important to grasp the elements that have catalysed the exponential growth of real estate investment in this locale.

Hosahalli, a gem in North Bengaluru, captivates with its strategic location and dynamic urban growth. Nestled within convenient reach of the Kempegowda International Airport and with seamless connectivity to the city centre, Hosahalli offers an unparalleled advantage for residents For those who seek an uncompromised premium lifestyle at the most sought-after location, flats in Hosahalli and apartments in Thanisandra main road offer a celestial experience.

Factors Driving Real Estate Investment in North Bengaluru

Proximity to Major Employment Hubs

One of the primary reasons for the increasing popularity of Residential properties in North Bengaluru is its strategic location near major employment hubs. Often called a “New Bengaluru” it’s rapidly turning into the city’s largest tech and IT hub like Kirloskar Tech Park and Manyata Tech Parks, opening tremendous employment opportunities to thousands of career aspirants. Reports state that North Bengaluru is currently the prime focus area for industry giants like Boeing And Foxconn to set up their units. Thanks to the vast usable land available in this area, Boeing is planning to set up its second-largest campus in this area. Additionally, the Karnataka Government has handed over land to Foxconn to set up their manufacturing unit as well, thus solidifying North Bengaluru’s position as the next big thing in tech careers.

Not only that, but numerous IT companies are also planning to make the most of the brilliant minds of India by establishing their own offices around the Airport area, which makes it the perfect location for aspiring engineers and tech-savvy people of India. (Source: Times Now)

Infrastructure and Connectivity

Speaking of the factors that have contributed to North Bengaluru’s real estate boost, one cannot afford to miss out on its infrastructure and seamless connectivity. Not only is this area well-connected through an extensive network of roads and highways but several upcoming Bengaluru Namma Metro extensions will undoubtedly make travelling to different parts of the city hassle-free.

Being near Kempegowda International Airport, it offers national and international connectivity that Bengaluru has ever witnessed. Additionally, numerous Government schemes have been approved to improve Metro and road connectivity from every corner of Bengaluru and beyond. (Source: Times Now)

C: Growth Potential and Development Plans

When investing in real estate, one of the things that you should be keeping an eye on is the growth potential or the appreciation cost of the flat. With the Government and private sector initiatives that have led to the establishment of integrated townships, commercial centres, and recreational spaces North Bengaluru ticks this box as well.

The average monthly rental for a standard 2BHK home of 1,000 sq ft in Thanisandra Main Road increased from Rs. 21,000 per month in Q1 2022 to Rs. 26,000/month in Q1 2023. Similarly, at Marathahalli-ORR, average monthly rentals increased from Rs. 22,500/month last year to Rs. 28,000/month in Q1 2023. Currently, Bengaluru has the highest rental yield of 4.1% among all major cities, followed by Mumbai with 3.9%. (Source: Times Property)

D: Presence of Educational Institutions and Healthcare Facilities

If you are planning to move with your family, the presence of esteemed educational institutions as well as prominent healthcare facilities is an absolute must-have. North Bengaluru caters to your expectations here as well. Educational institutions such as BMS Institute of Technology and Management (BMSIT), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), and Mallya Aditi International School among others, have played a massive role in boosting the real estate sector in North Bengaluru.

With that out of the way let’s head over to our list of the top three areas to invest in North Bengaluru.

Prominent Areas in North Bengaluru

A. Thanisandra

1. Highlights of the locality:

Once a tranquil suburb on the outskirts of Bengaluru, Thanisandra has evolved into a vibrant urban centre. Home to esteemed educational institutions like Kristu Jayanti College and top-notch healthcare facilities including Columbia Asia Hospital, the area ensures a convenient and promising lifestyle for families. With a mix of contemporary apartments and spacious villas, Thanisandra harmoniously combines modern living with traditional charm.

Its strategic location offers direct access to the Outer Ring Road and proximity to Kempegowda International Airport, enhancing connectivity. Experience the seamless blend of convenience, comfort, and culture in the transformed Thanisandra—a neighbourhood that embodies the best of both worlds and welcomes you to your ideal home.

2. Key amenities and facilities:

Thanisandra takes pride in its array of key amenities that cater to a fulfilling lifestyle. Boasting excellent connectivity through major roadways and future access to the Namma Metro line, residents enjoy seamless travel options. The presence of esteemed educational institutions like Kristu Jayanti College adds to its appeal. The locality comes alive with a plethora of entertainment options, from shopping malls to supermarkets and entertainment centres, ensuring vibrant leisure moments.

Nature enthusiasts and fitness lovers find solace in the tranquil environs of Thanisandra’s parks, while the easy access to the Outer Ring Road and Kempegowda International Airport enhances connectivity. Discover the ideal fusion of convenience and leisure in Thanisandra, a locale that stands as a testament to modern living. With its well-developed infrastructure and diverse amenities, Thanisandra beckons you to experience a truly enriching lifestyle.

3. Average property prices:

The average property price in Thanisandra is around ₹8,000/sq. Ft with rental yield ranging between ₹23,000-33,000. The average property prices have risen by an astounding 122.2% in the last ten years.

(Source: 99 acres) Puravankara’s 2 BHK properties in Thanisandra are designed to elevate your lifestyle every single day, as you make memories with your loved ones. Located on the Thanisandra main road, , Purva Atmosphere offers dream homes that capture the imagination of every smart and future-ready family, which also make it the perfect investment option in coming years.

B. Hosahalli

1. Highlights of the locality:

Hosahalli, a gem in North Bengaluru, captivates with its strategic location and dynamic urban growth. Nestled within convenient reach of the Kempegowda International Airport and with seamless connectivity to the city centre, Hosahalli offers an unparalleled advantage for residents and investors alike. This vibrant locality has witnessed a surge of interest from young professionals, drawn by the area’s transformation into a bustling commercial hub. With its promising potential and strategic placement, Hosahalli invites you to be part of its remarkable journey towards a prosperous future.

2. Key amenities and facilities:

Hosahalli is filled with amenities like the renowned Apollo Hospital, a cornerstone of top-notch healthcare. The allure extends to The Grand Mall, a shopping paradise meeting diverse needs. Its strategic location near the upcoming Metro Line further enhances accessibility. Embrace the epitome of convenience and sophistication in Hosahalli, a neighbourhood that weaves practicality with luxury seamlessly.

3. Average property prices and rental yields:

The average property price in Hebbal is around ₹7,400 per sq ft with average rent starting from ₹23.270 – 30,000 per month. The average property price has appreciated by 39.6% in the last ten years.

(Source: 99 acres, Times Property)

Hosahalli is the largest property hub for Puravankara, with a plethora of premium 2 BHK flats in Bengaluru stemming from this ever-growing part of North Bengaluru.

With that said, here is the list of Puravankara Projects in Hosahalli.

Purva Zenium: For those who seek an uncompromised premium lifestyle at the most sought-after location.  

Purva Celestial: Your heavenly abode that offers the authentic North Bengaluru experience.

Purva Nucleus: Smart homes for smart families. Find your forever home at the brand-new tech hub of Bengaluru.

C. Hennur

1. Highlights of the locality:

Hennur, a thriving neighbourhood in North Bengaluru, beckons with unexplored investment prospects that have captured the attention of both savvy investors and discerning homebuyers. Moreover, Hennur’s real estate landscape boasts a rich spectrum of investment opportunities, tailored to varying budgetary constraints and preferences. From opulent North Bengaluru apartments to budget-friendly housing complexes, the locality presents an array of choices, ensuring the perfect fit for every individual. Dive into the potential of Hennur, where untapped opportunities meet a diverse range of investment avenues, awaiting your strategic move.

2. Key amenities and facilities

The bustling life at Hennur is filled with diverse amenities. Royal Hospital assures quality healthcare, while Orion Mall offers retail therapy. With upcoming Metro Line access, experience Hennur’s comfort and convenience firsthand.

3. Average property prices and rental yields

The average property price in Devanahalli is around ₹8,150/sq. Ft. with rental yield ranging between ₹25,000 -35,000. The average property price has appreciated by 91.80% in the last 10 years.

(Source: 99 acres, Times Property) Puravankara’s exquisite 2 BHK residences in Hennur redefine opulent living, ensuring each day is a tapestry of cherished moments with your dear ones.

Purva Promenade offers epitome of luxury and tranquillity with its premium 2 BHK residences in Hennur Road, Bengaluru. Make your dream home truly dreamlike by opting for the luxury that offers new experiences every day.

Are you ready to embark on an exciting real estate journey in North Bengaluru? Well, get set to unearth opportunities that are tailor-made for smart investors seeking great returns. This is your chance to strike that perfect balance between risk and reward, leveraging the region’s potential to the fullest.

Imagine living in neighbourhoods that aren’t just convenient but offer an enjoyable lifestyle. Whether it’s the serenity of lakeside living or the buzz of commercial centres, North Bengaluru’s prime investment spots cater to diverse preferences.

Why wait? Embrace the present, explore the potential, and turn your real estate aspirations into reality in North Bengaluru. This isn’t just about immediate gains; it’s a blueprint for consistent growth in the future. Your North Bengaluru journey begins right here!