Art of Living Peacefully With Nature

All of us want to live in that perfect home – a home we have always dreamt of living in. Our home should ideally be a sanctuary of serenity where one can find ample sunlight, ventilation, and more importantly inner peace; the sheer thought of it should be exuberating and bring a smile when we come back home. But seldom do we find such luxury in the midst of the chaotic cities we live in.  And have we not witnessed even the biggest dreamers forfeiting it all only to be closer to the city? Some even seem to think that the closed and cluttered apartments are a luxury in a metropolitan city!

Peaceful Living

Living closer to our workplace increasingly becoming need-of-the-hour and to live closer to nature for both mental and physical wellness. Numerous researches suggest that living in or near green spaces can help in overall longevity of mankind. To our relief, established and new-age builders have taken these factors into consideration and are focused on providing housing spaces surrounded by greenery, peace and tranquility within the city limits.

Green living in Bangalore

Bangalore is a dynamic city that offers options for those who are interested in green living. Many real estate developers including Puravankara have made green living in Bangalore an essential aspect of their living space plans. A well-sized apartment in Bangalore comes with at least two balconies that offer the much needed outdoor-indoor space.

There is also a strong movement among urban Indians to pursue a greener, healthier lifestyle. Here are some simple pointers on how we can embrace a qualitative living:


  • Eat local and organic food produce. By this you will not only eat fresher produce, you will also be supporting the local economy.
  • Have more plants at home. There are many indoor plants that can even purify the air
  • Segregate waste at least into two baskets. One organic, bio degradable waste like paper, leftovers etc and the other being plastics, containers, foils and so on.
  • Pay your bills online. Not only does it stop the spam mails coming to your mail box, but with online reminders, it’s a sanity saver.
  • Be active – walk, run or cycle to the locations nearby instead of taking your car out
  • Take the Metro, bus or simply carpool. This also takes away the unnecessary stress of driving.

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