Balancing the scale: Rising Women Homeownership

The first episode of ‘On The REcord – Decoding Realty’ titled ‘Women Take Centre Stage: A New Dawn for Real Estate’ was aired on 7 July 2021. An expert panel shared insights on the transition of women from being influencers in the home buying process to becoming property owners through a highly engaging discussion.

Highlights from the episode

Social constructs around gender roles and limited industry awareness are some of the key entry barriers that have historically kept women on the sidelines of real estate investments.

Today, real estate is steadily transforming into a preferred investment tool for this demographic (~32%) in comparison to other instruments. Rising affinity towards realty has been attributed to benefits like ease of appreciation, high returns and security.

Numerous state- and sector-specific provisions increased transparency in the industry, and accessible information about the financial market have enabled more women to become homeowners. Post-COVID, there is a marked increase in women homebuyers in the market. There is a visible shift towards properties that offer spacious interiors and security.

What should a novice investor consider?

Before applying for a home loan- Flexibility of EMIs and tenures, dues and charges and the bank’s turnaround time for customer queries.

Before finalizing a property – Clarity of intent (reside or leasing out), accessibility of the location, other financial commitments, the reputation of the builder, probability of getting the property delivered on time, and the developer’s relationship with financial institutions.

How can builders contribute?

Builders must ensure trust in customer transactions offer developed social infrastructure, financial counselling and a transparent experience to encourage women homebuyers.

They must ascertain inclusivity at every step of the homebuying process. It must be integral to every customer interaction. Teams (especially customer-facing teams) must be trained to showcase an inclusive approach and processes must be regularly audited to weed out gender bias.


Buying a home is one of the biggest milestones in a person’s lifetime. For women buyers, purchasing a property is not just an investment. The financial independence and access to an owned space within homeownership are a gateway towards achieving the larger vision of women empowerment.


Gitanjali Mirchandani | MD & Country Head – Origination
JM Financial Credit Solutions Ltd.

Riya Bhattacharya | CEO
Navi Finserv

Amanda Puravankara | Director
Provident Housing Ltd.


Minol R. Ajekar
Group Head | Corporate Communication & CSR
Puravankara Ltd.

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