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BluNex Life: Next Gen Intelligent Homes

Over the decades, technology has transformed homes into hubs of functionality and centres of entertainment, work, fitness and security. While some may view the connected home as a futuristic concept, it is already a reality, as the hurdles to achieving connectivity have been superseded with widespread adoption.
With the adoption of IoT (Internet of Things), homes are now more automated than ever before. Puravankara’s innovation BluNex Life is in line with the company’s vision of providing intelligent homes to new home buyers looking for contemporary and innovative living spaces.
BluNex Life homes will have pre-installed Google Home devices that would allow residents to convert their living spaces into voice-enabled smart homes, giving the resident control over compatible smart home appliances, listen to music on demand, stay on top of their day-to-day activities and bring the power of the Google Assistant into their homes. BlueNex Life ensures that the smart features are not added as an afterthought post construction but is embedded in the very DNA of the architecture.
Here’s how BluNex Life is transforming the home ownership experience of Puravankara home owners.
Table of Contents:
1. Why switch to smart homes?
2. About BluNex Life
2.1 Intelligent Virtual Home Assistant
2.2 Purified Potable Pipeline
2.3 The Oxygen Club
3. Smart automation in everyday life
3.1 Monitor Your Kids, Elderly Parents, and Pets
3.2 Make Your Home Energy Efficient
3.3 Protect Your Home from Intruders
3.4 Control Your Home Appliances
3.5 Saving Money on Insurance
3.6 Customizable Lifestyle

Why switch to smart homes?

In today’s fast-paced world, whatever we do is touched by technology. From smartphones built with hundreds of functionalities to intelligent kitchen appliances, technological advancements have been brought to our fingertips. This also includes the ability to control a number of things in our homes.
Imagine how simple it would be if you could control the lights, heating and cooling systems, and doors of your home depending on your preferences right on your smartphone. Homes with smart technologies provide a convenient, energy-efficient way to automate mundane activities in your life and free up time for the fun stuff.
With changing consumer preferences in mind, Puravankara is offering residential projects with BluNex Life technology. These residential projects include inbuilt connectivity and smart features like virtual home assistants, intelligent motion sensors and drinking water straight off the tap to offer the pinnacle of customer convenience.

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About BluNex Life

BluNex Life leverages artificial intelligence and the internet-of-things to transform lifestyles. This technology aims to embed smart features to create a convenient, secured, and smart living experience.
Some of the enticing features of the BluNex Life enabled homes are:

Intelligent Virtual Home Assistant

The intelligent master command for all smart appliances
24/7 remote connectivity so you can control your home from anywhere in the world
Intelligent home controls by voice and BluNex app
Last-mile fibre optic infrastructure
Entertainment on-demand
Intelligent biometric security
Intelligent motion sensors
A smart hub for intelligent homes
Intelligent lighting and cooling

Pure Drinking Water Straight off the Kitchen Tap

While living in one of our BlueNex Life enabled homes, you wouldn’t need to buy water at a cost or install a water purifier. Our kitchens are equipped to provide purified water off the tap.
We process the water through a centralized treatment plant, where it is filtered multiple times with membrane filters, sediment filters, and activated carbon filters to remove the impurities, enhancing the taste and quality. The processed and purified water is then stored in a stainless steel tank and supplied through the kitchen taps.

The Oxygen Club

Oxygen is essential to stay alive. However, today, environments are mostly polluted. This results in a lack of pure and healthily-breathable oxygen. Puravankara BluNex projects have dedicated oxygenated clubs, where pure oxygen is pumped into the clubhouse, so you and your family can breathe pollution-free oxygen and rejuvenate yourself.
This purified oxygen can bring health benefits like – reduced stress, increased energy levels, better sleep, improved concentration, and more.

BlueNex Life: How smart automation transforms your everyday

A home embedded with BluNex smart technology is feature rich, easy to use and can add great comfort to your life. Here are some of the top benefits of living in a smart home:

Monitor Your Kids, Elderly Parents, and Pets

Intelligent motion sensors and a biometric security system on the door will help you monitor your kids, elderly parents, or pets, when you leave them alone at home. Also, you can rest assured that intruders can not break-into your home due to the intelligent security systems.

Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Saving a considerable amount in utility bills is a great advantage. Homes equipped with intelligent lighting and cooling features ensure that no electronic appliances are turned-on in an empty room or house. This can help save a great deal on your utility bills, making your home energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Protect Your Home from Intruders

A biometric security system will help you protect your home from intruders, even when you are away. This system will send an alert to your smartphone whenever someone is at your door. You can also speak to the visitor through the biometric system installed at your door. So, whether you are shopping, at work, or out of town, you can be virtually present when your doorbell rings and convey your message.

Control Your Home Appliances

Our smart home projects provide you with the ability to control your home appliances by voice and BluNex app. This way, you can turn your home appliances on or off from anywhere in the world. So, no running back home for switching-off a running appliance.

Saving Money on Insurance

Insuring a home with smart-tech features may reduce your monthly premiums. The insurance will also protect your home from unexpected damages while saving a considerable amount on premiums.

Customizable Lifestyle

Living in a smart home means you can customize down to every last element. You can program your home speakers to play your favourite music, switch on and off lights through voice control, set mood lighting to create the desired vibe and set the ambient temperature that is right for you. Step into a home tailored to your preferences at the click of a button, it’s a luxury that will ensure that your home environment is designed to please and rejuvenate you.
Does the idea of living in a smart home entice you? Explore BluNex Life enabled homes by Puravankara to get a taste of the future!