Childrens Day

Our children are losing their childhood. Revive it by letting them PLAY!

“Raju! Come back inside. It’s dinner time!”

“Five more minutes, ma, please!”

When was the last time you called your child from your door as he/she played with friends in the playground? Most of the answers will be heart-breaking, we are sure.

Somewhere down the years, as technology started taking over, childhood started suffering. We all started getting glued to our gadgets. Our kids picked up on that as well. Plus, our daily routine got so hectic that we completely forgot the most important aspect of childhood – the playground.

It is gut-wrenching to see that spaces that were once heavily used are now ignored and that our kids really don’t have accessible playgrounds anymore. But hey, we don’t think it is late yet. We think there’s still time to change this rut that our children have gotten into. And, the solution is simple – playgrounds in apartment complexes!

In this article, we shall speak about the many benefits of outdoor play in a bid to encourage you only to rent/buy homes in apartment complexes that have playgrounds. Let’s begin.

Physical benefits

Most of us know that running and playing outdoor games builds stamina. But what else? Here you go:

  • It strengthens the immune system
  • It lowers anxiety by giving children a medium to channel their confined energy
  • It helps kids sleep better and wake up fresh (and on time!)
  • It reduces the risk of obesity, which is sadly on the rise today
  • It helps them relax and focus better on school work

Mental benefits

Surprising as it may be, playing outdoors brings many mental benefits such as

  • Better motor skills
  • Better leadership skills
  • Better critical reasoning and decision-making
  • Enhanced attention span because focus is key in all outdoor games

Emotional benefits

Playing with friends and socializing helps our kids become emotionally strong. Let’s find out how:

  • It improves self-esteem
  • It helps them bond with you when you play with them
  • It helps them understand their emotions and control them as they go through many of them in the playground
  • It teaches them to accept failure and to overcome defeat (especially in team games)

Social benefits

Kids who play outside regularly are usually more sociable and confident. The other social benefits are:

  • They build relationships that last for years
  • They learn to listen, which is an extremely valuable skill
  • They start collaborating
  • There’s no room for ego development
  • They learn to be independent and team players at the same time

In all those hours that our children spend in front of the TV or other gadgets, they lose out on developing these essential skills. Our children deserve to be PLAY. And, we deserve to hear their voices as they squeal in happiness and come home all sweaty, albeit reluctantly. J

Let’s take an oath this Children’s Day, thus. Let’s promise to help revive childhood by making playgrounds accessible to our children. Let’s only rent/buy homes that have well-constructed play areas for kids.