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Country Roads, Take Me Home: An NRI exclusive

Everybody today understands that investing is the key to building wealth and achieving financial stability. Real estate is one such investment that comes with the benefit of owning a tangible asset, the value of which appreciates over time. With the world shrinking rapidly, a new demographic of buyers has entered the market – NRIs. But how does the process of investing differ for this set of buyers? 

Join us on 17 November 2021, as we jump into what an aspiring NRI buyer should know before purchasing a property in India. In the upcoming episode of On Record – Decoding Realty, a panel of experts will share insightful measures that will help aspiring NRI homebuyers to make a smart investment. The discussion will cover the most frequently asked questions, like the process of getting a home loan to finding the right builder, and many more.  

Real estate investments are large ticket purchases. Therefore, every aspect of the project must be carefully assessed and scrutinised to ensure it augurs desirable returns to the buyer in the long run. Most NRIs today are well versed with the benefits that come along with investing in India. However, the tax and policy regulations may vary from one state to another. Investing in projects that reputed developers build makes it easier for NRIs.  

In our previous episode, we have emphasised the importance of selecting the right location and how the location can dictate the value of a property. A safe community with amenities nearby makes an ideal choice for both residential and commercial investments. Today, metropolitan cities are considered good for investment as they are bound to grow exponentially. However, knowing how to decide is equally as important as the paperwork involved in these financial transactions.  

The episode ‘Country Roads, Take Me Home’ will air at 5 pm on 17 November 2021. 


Abhishek Kapoor, CEO | Puravankara Ltd. 

Akashdeep Sarpal, Regional Head – West Asia & Africa | ICICI Bank 

Monisha Aluvila, Head – Customer Success | Puravankara Ltd. 

Suresh Pandey, Product Head Home Loans | ICICI Bank 


Minol R. Ajekar – Group Head – Corp Comm & CSR | Puravankara Ltd. 

Date – 17 November 2021 

Time – 5 pm – 6 pm IST 

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