How to Enjoy a Breath of Fresh Air Indoors, The Natural Way?

With our increasing sedentary lifestyle, we end up spending 90% of our time indoors. This makes it extremely important that we improve the poor air quality circulating inside our homes, which is giving rise to allergies, infections and other health problems. But unfortunately we our becoming the slaves of technology. For everything, we look up to technology and that’s where air purifiers have penetrated inside our homes. But is an air purifier the only means of giving you a breath of fresh air? Are there any natural means of purifying air at home?

Let’s help you in growing fresh air at home, the natural way. There are plants rather plenty of indoor plants, which you can grow at home without much effort and they will in turn help in circulating fresh air inside your home. They will absorb all those toxins, which the many artificial things at your home and cleaners release contaminating the air, which you breathe day in, day out. Among others the two main kinds of pollutants found inside homes include formaldehyde and benzene. While, formaldehyde causes irritation to throat, nose and eyes, benzene causes eyes and skin infections. And these pollutants are released by the indispensable furnishings, personal care products, house cleaners and pesticides, which you use, every day at home. So, the natural remedy to these pollutants, which are lurking inside your home are air purifying indoor plants.

Some indoor plants have the potential to absorb the particles from the air when they take in with carbon dioxide, which is processed into oxygen through photosynthesis. In addition, the microorganisms that are present in potted soil help in the cleaning process. But, choosing the plants for your home has to be a well-researched and careful process. They should not demand too much maintenance, care and should not lead to mold growth during monsoons.

Here is a list of plants shared by NASA that can effectively remove formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene and carbon monoxide from the air.

10 Effective Indoor plants for Purifying Air by NASA

  1. Bamboo Palm
  2. Chinese Evergreen
  3. English Ivy Tongue
  4. Gerbera Daisy
  5. Janet Craig
  6. Marginata
  7. Mass Cane
  8. Mother-in-Laws
  9. Pot Mum
  10. Peace Lily

These indoor plants can remove low levels of pollution through the tiny openings on their leaves. Moreover, most of these plants mentioned by NASA are easy to grow inside your home. So, enhance your home décor and enjoy a fresh breath of air the easy way by growing indoor plants. Scatter them throughout the house and let nature, nurture you in its own beautiful ways. The list shared includes, flowering, leafy and succulent plants giving you a wide variety from which you can pick and choose.








Flowering plants like Gerbera Daisy can enhance the look of your room and effectively remove benzene. Likewise, spider plants can remove formaldehyde and xylene and grow comfortably with indirect sunlight. And these plants are perfect for those who are not a pro at gardening or are bringing plants home for the first time. Just a word of caution, keep your pets and kiddos off them as some of these can be hazardous on consumption.
Infuse these natural elements in home décor and clean the pollutants inside your home the easy way. You will not need those air purifiers. Add this green touch to your home and reap its many benefits. We at Puravankara encourage such natural means of purifying air. Each one, plant one and enjoy a breath of fresh air indoors and outdoors. At all our Puravankara properties, we maintain lush, green gardens and encourage people to grow flowering, succulent and leafy plants inside their home too. Let’s all love nature, embrace nature and see how beautifully nature will embrace us too. Come visit our Puravankara properties and feel the difference in the air. You can also view our projects online at