Green Diwali! Clean Diwali

Diwali – a festival of lights, symbolizes hope, the triumph of good over evil, happiness, togetherness, and homecoming. Diwali is also synonymous with sweets, good food, and crackers. However, over the years, the sound and air pollution have taken a toll on mother nature. Let’s give mother nature a breather by pledging to celebrate an eco-conscious Diwali this year.

Let’s see how we can celebrate an eco-conscious Diwali

Let there be light

Lighten your homes with clay lamps and candles. Clay lamps that use oil for producing light reduce electricity consumption and give a comfy feel to your home. It is not just environment-friendly but supports your local craftsmen whose livelihood depends on them during the festive season. The lamps have beautiful patterns and come in different shapes, and most importantly, it is reusable and decomposable. Hanging a lantern by the doorway is one of the traditional ways to decorate your home. This season try out ethnic or vintage themed lanterns.

Let there be fragrance

Decorate your homes with orchids and white flowers. A traditional toran of marigold and mango leaves with traditional & stylish motifs can be hung on the main door, while the temple area can be decorated with lamps, jasmine & marigold flowers. Light a French Vanilla or cinnamon-scented candle to keep your house smelling fresh and festive. Use organic incense and fresh flowers and avoid synthetic room fresheners. Floating candles, coloured water and glass pebbles will add to the décor. A collection of fresh flowers such as marigold, jasmine, roses, and lilies beautify and give your home a festive ambience.

Go Au Naturale

Rangoli art is synonymous with Diwali décor. Make beautiful patterns with natural colours to decorate the Rangoli. The intricate lines and patterns filled with vibrant colours add to the decor of Diwali. They also highlight the fact that colours can brighten up the festival. Utilize eco-friendly colours derived from rice powder, coffee, tea, dried turmeric, flowers, leaves, etc. to celebrate a pollution-free Diwali. Also, If you choose to paint your homes use eco-friendly paints that are safer for the environment and you.

The Joy of A Sweet Palate

Forgo store-bought sweets with artificial flavours that are abundant in added food colour and excess sugar. Homemade savoury and sweet dishes such as Chakli, Mathri, Chikori, Motichur Laddoos, Coconut Barfi, Rice Kheer, Gajar ka halwa using natural products such as milk, brown sugar, coconut, jaggery, rice, dates, cashews, raisins and pistachios add a personal touch of love & care to the occasion.

The Gift of Love

The colourful wrapping adds its own essence to the celebration during festive gifting but is incredibly harmful to the environment. The synthetic wrapping papers may include hazardous and toxic materials like lead, plastic film, synthetic inks, metal foils, etc. If not recycled properly, they can prove to be poisonous and very hazardous for the environment. Wrap gifts creatively using newspapers, to enable easy recycling. You can also make your own Diwali cards. You could also be social media savvy this season by texting, tweeting or WhatsApping them. You will save on paper and stay in touch with your loved ones.