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Margazhi Month musings in Chennai

Winter in Chennai coincides with the Tamil month of Margazhi which starts from December 16 and ends on January 13. The cool weather presents Chennaites with the perfect excuse to head outdoors.

The Margazhi month is especially interesting for anyone visiting Chennai as the city prepares itself for a month-long cultural celebration of art and dance. The festival has its roots in a 9-decade long history when it was first held in 1927 as an adjunct to the conference of the Indian National Congress in Chennai. It has since moved on to become a purely cultural celebration dedicated to the Gods through myriad enchanting vocal and instrumental compositions coupled with captivating dance performances.

This winter festivity hosts over a thousand not-to-be missed classical concerts and performances are conducted at over a hundred venues across Chennai and surrounding areas.

Thousands of people turn up in their traditional best attire to enjoy soulful performances and to feast on numerous vegetarian delicacies showcased.

Here are some of the performances of great artists that shouldn’t be missed:

Musical Concerts:

Bombay Jayashree – Enjoy her mellifluous voice and meditative approach to music at the Mylapore Fine Arts Club on 24th December.

T.N. Krishnan – You can enjoy this famous octogenarian’s captivating violin concerts at the Music Academy on 25th December.

Music2 - Margazhi

Dance Performances

Vyjayantimala – The doyen of Bharatanatyam is presenting Sanga Thamizh Maalai on December 23 for Bharat Kalachar (T Nagar)

Shanta and V.P. Dhananjayan – Now popularly known as the Vodafone couple, the legendary dancing couple will be entertaining Chennaites as always with their captivating Bharatnatyam dance performances at the Krishna Gana Sabha on 27th December.

Malavika Sarukkai – Enjoy her amazing dance performance that is an ode to feminine grace and linear geometry at the Music Academy on 6th January.

Dance - Margazhi

It is a celebrate for the senses indeed to be in Chennai during the Margazhi month.

Wishing You and Your Family – HAPPY NEW EAR. 🙂


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