BluNex Life by Puravankara

Move into the future. Today.

After a tough day at work and a long pollution-affected ride back, all you want to do is rest. You reach your house and rummage through your handbag for your key. After a few seconds of hasty searching you realize you left it at work. Now, all you can do is wait for your husband to come an hour later with the spare keys.

It’s a warm, summer day. You just braved an hour in the Bengaluru traffic and reached home. Sweaty and tired, all you want is to fall in bed and relax. You kick your shoes off and look for the AC remote but that’s nowhere to be found. The frustration builds as you look for it and all you can do now is scream.

The alarm failed to go off and you woke up 30 minutes before an important meeting. You need to get dressed pronto but the geyser takes time to heat the water. You end up taking a cold shower in the middle of the winter and rush out, wide awake and completely annoyed.

What if we told you that you no longer have to deal with such annoyances that can ruin a great day or worsen an already hectic one? What if we told you that your new home is going to be intelligent enough to listen to you and do as told? No, this isn’t a plot for a sci-fi movie. This is your new Puravankara home.

Tomorrow’s technology in today’s homes

At Puravankara, we are continuously looking at ways to make your life comfortable, hassle-free, and simple. This is why, we have brought tomorrow’s technology in today’s homes. All our new homes are technologically-advanced to help you live the life you always dreamt. A door that opens on its own or an AC that switches on when you ask it to is not a page out of the future anymore. It is a casual day at a Puravankara home!

After extensive research, understanding, and trials, we decided that the need of the hour in our particularly rushed lives is comfort. And, we are not talking about a plush sofa or rose petals on our beds. We are talking about using technology to ease our lives so that we never have to worry about clean drinking water, waiting for the water to heat up, or always remembering where the keys are!

Say hello to the BluNex Life

We have teamed up with the best service providers in technology to build intelligent next-generation homes that redefine comfortable living through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). What are the intelligent features of our homes? Here’s a peek:

Tap water = drinking water

Forget the hassle of installing a water purifier! All Puravankara homes now offer pure drinking water directly off the tap. Our centralized treatment plant ensures that the water is filtered multiple times before it reaches your taps.

Intelligent homes

Google Home is one of the frontrunners in this space and we have partnered with Google to integrate this technology into all our homes. So, your new Puravankara home will have intelligent doors, lighting, motion sensors, biometric security, an intelligent master command for all smart appliances, intelligent home controls by voice and BluNex apps, and much more.

An oxygen-rich clubhouse

You don’t have to book expensive flight tickets and go to “someplace nice” for fresh air. You just have to walk to the clubhouse! We are infusing pure oxygen in the clubhouse to help you relax mentally and physically in a pollution-free environment.

Home automation and convenient living is no longer the next big thing. It is the big thing and it is here already!

Book the future. Book a Puravankara home.