Making Your Home Pet Friendly

Keeping Your Furry Family Comfortable

Baby proofing is slowly becoming a norm among Indian families, but we are yet to warm up to the idea of a pet-friendly home. Sure, our furry friends are as important as our family, but it often skips our mind to give them their much-needed comfort. Pets, especially pups, require attention and care just like human babies. If you plan to keep pets in the apartment, then make sure to take a few pet-friendly measures before bringing them in.

Flooring is key

We call them furry for a reason so plush and woollen carpets are a big No-No. Your precious Italian rug can turn into a breeding ground for fleas if you are not careful enough. Go for flat-woven rug or dhurries as they are known in India.

With dogs come a whole lot of dog hair, so keep in mind a floor colour which makes them easily visible to ease up the cleaning process. The floors should be strong and smooth as they must withstand the running and scratching of our four-legged friends. Hence, terracotta and textured tiles are the best options. Wooden flooring is slippery and can cause danger to our restless buddies.

Safety measures

Pets can be on their best behaviour one second and can wreak havoc the very next. So, make sure that you have taken enough measures to prevent accidents from happening.  Childproof latches can help you keep your pet from accessing foods and chemicals that are harmful to them.

Store all the dangerous items tucked away in cabinets. Always keep the waste bins covered. Balconies and windows should be meshed as well. Glass windows should be covered with frosted film or decal to avoid your pets to walk right into them. Plus, in case they scratch (especially if you have puppies), they will be scratching the decals and not necessarily the glass.

Pets and home décor
Wait! There’s still time to get back your long-lost pretty home with these simple tricks!

Always keep your pets in mind before getting anything for the home. Cats for example can claw furniture. Get a scratchpad for them to keep them away from your furniture. When it comes to your balcony plants, not all are good for your animals. Some like Lilies, Oleander, Tulips and Chrysanthemum can be even life threatening.

Continuous vacuuming and cleaning may not bring back the sheen of your pet-hair covered sofas. Opt for sofa covers that can be removed and washed occasionally.  The best way to keep the house clean is by assigning dining, toilet and sleeping areas for your pet. And make sure you take time to potty-train your pets so that they know where NOT to pee at least!

With these simple tips, we are sure your home will be great for your family (four-legged and otherwise!)