Palm Beach

Puravankara’s Palm Beach is Pure Melody

Puravankara Palm Beach is Pure Melody

As the vehicle stopped in front of the experience centre, Mr. R. Gurudutt, the project in-charge, glided out the way a note does off a flute, to greet me. I was visiting Puravankara’s Palm Beach project in Bangalore’s Hennur Road to see how the project was shaping up, to see if there was a story within the storeys. What I discovered eventually was pure melody.

As if on cue, once the vast gates of the experience centre welcoming swung open, soft music greeted me and immediately set the mood for the rest of the evening. With stimulating coffee warming up the session, I casually asked Mr. Gurudutt if he was a fan of old Hindi movies. Getting the hint, he said that his father was a fan of the great actor and named his son after him. Perfect, I thought!

Soon enough, we were on stage to view Palm Beach’s miniaturized rendering and, wow, we could have a bird’s-eye view of its vast sprawl. I thought that climbing up a flight of steps to see the glass enclosure from atop it was a great marketing build-up as one is normally used to seeing such renderings at eye-level. What an idea sir ji!

As the tune wafted in the air and drew me closer to its descant, Mr. Gurudutt knew that he had my ear by now. He took me to a large showcase where rows upon rows of assorted home fittings and fixtures, including tiles, faucets, washbasins, etc., were neatly arranged with clearly-marked brand signage’s. Hold on now? Were these the ones that the customer could expect in their homes? You got it, said Mr. Gurudutt! We have heard of in-placement brands in films but on-site brand placement in a real estate project? Unheard of. Seventy percent of your battle is won Mr. Gurudutt. And the best part? We have not even seen the actual project as yet!

Purva Palm Beach

Here are the Juliet balconies, Mr. Hamid. As Shakespeare crossed my mind, Mr. Gurudutt told me that these were quasi-balconies which served the purpose of having large balcony-like windows in one’s room and yet was an exercise in prudent space management. But why Juliet? Remember in the play, Juliet stands for Romeo in the balcony and awaits her love… how romantic, I thought!

As we exited the model flats and stepped into the outdoors, I felt that the music had reached a crescendo when I experienced the melody of the sight that greeted me. Sky-high towers perfectly arranged in brilliant notes and enclosing the hidden gems that would make the occupants’ lifestyle more complete. Samples? A beach volleyball court and a sand pit that would complete the life on the beach.

Purva Palm Beach

Lucky are those 80% who have booked their flats here in the first and second phases. The third phase is under development, I was told. As a young woman came in with her husband to sample the melody, I was sure that the music would take her in!

Welcome to Purva Palm Beach where seeing is actually believing. Don’t believe me? Well, go see for yourself then!

The author is Adnan Hamid – a highly experienced Communications Consultant based out of Kolkata.