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There’s red-hot buzz in our cities and towns as we speak, in the name of progress. Progress leads to expansion, which breeds exponential rise in a nation’s economy. While India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) rate dominates at world level today, it is imperative or rather essential that we as individuals embrace change towards a greater tomorrow. In order to manage a healthy balance between a city’s population and its resources, the satellite towns are being developed to be able to provide for the major city’s rapid growth, besides helping it expand in all possible ways. Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru are already in the grind, with all of them having laid solid ground work in building future cities that would be self-sustainable at the earliest possible duration.

Let’s take Bengaluru for example: What were once surrounding Taluks, have now pretty much become a part of this ever-booming multi-cultural metropolitan city. We’re talking about Hoskote, Ramanagara, Kanakapura and of course, Devanahalli – crown prince of North Bengaluru. Devanahalli is the emerging Industrial and IT hub, with the likes of TCS, Infosys and Wipro planning to set up shops in the IT Investment Region (ITIR). Also, government and international private aviation players are already functional in the Aerospace SEZ nearby, making this location an employee-magnet. We’re not even talking about the multi-thousand staffed Kempegowda International Airport at Devanahalli, synonymously termed KIAL. If the much-awaited Satellite Town Ring Road (STRR), connecting Devanahalli, Hoskote, Ramanagara, Kanakapura and Hosur happens in full swing, we’re likely to witness unforeseen socio-economic growth through this future periphery. With the proposed Namma Metro Phase 2, which will connect the Devanahalli Airport to central Bengaluru and with BMTC enthusiastically plying along the airport route, we get a universal set of a well-networked smart city.

With feasible connectivity, an efficient transportation and with a fast-growing social infrastructure in place, the International Airport corridor is a future-ready location with a skyrocketing potential for real estate value. How about living in a futuristic home, located in a futuristic location with a community-inspired future lifestyle?

Enter Purva Zenium – Homes built with the perfect fusion of technology and nature, in a neo-contemporary architectural style. Located within a 200-acre community comprising of villas, row houses and apartments, Purva Zenium breeds a new wave of an evolved living. But, did we say technology…? Yes, if it’s powered by BluNex – Intelligent next-gen homes by Puravankara that guarantees you with the best Air you can breathe, drink triple-filtered Water without the need of an add-on purifier and, a fully integrated lifestyle with state-of-the-art home automation Technology that is mobile-app enabled… Only because we want you to live in tech-pampered luxury in a home that’ll give you all its love!

While it’s known truth that the best growth in any metropolis happens in and around the airport region, Puravankara is spot-on with the idea of developing Purva Zenium on the Bengaluru International Airport Road. If you think now’s a good time as any to invest in a future-value home, you’re only partially right… Because now’s the ONLY time to buy the future!