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Redesign Your Home Fashionably

Doing up your home is a constant and an on-going process. There is always a need to redesign and revamp your abode at regular intervals. Quirky, creative and distinct decor is what makes it exciting and a rejuvenating process.  Here are a few tips for you:

Decide the Colour Palette: Colours play an important role in home décor. You need to decide the colour scheme carefully and then plan the décor around it. This will not only give a cohesive look to your home, but you can even plan better. Moreover, with a colour palette playing around with different ways in different rooms will also be possible. Try working with some bright pastel colors to go with for the living area, it makes it look more spacious.

Home Decor 2

Give Windows a Trim: Once you decide the colour scheme for your house, you can change the curtains and give a new look and feel to your home, instantly. Windows are central to the room rather with the right window treatment you can make them the focal point. In keeping with the colour scheme, bring bold and bright curtains to play. You can also give the illusion of height by installing the curtains a few inches above the window frame. And of course, go for full-length curtains, which touch the floor. They give a classy look to the room and an elegant touch.

Minimalism is the Key: When revamping your home, start the process by discarding. It’s time to embrace minimalism, so discard old furniture and décor items before you buy new ones. Keep furniture in a way that there is enough space to walk with ease. And don’t overdo with showpieces and other décor stuff. As far as possible, keep it clean and open.

Warm Up Space with Mirrors: You may find a mirror in every house. But, how you bring it to play will redefine its use in your house. Mirrors have the potential to add light, dimension, and warmth to your space. So, don’t just go for a big, fancy mirror instead think out of the box. How about a sectioned pattern mirror in traditional French style?

Home Decor 3

Upholstery is the Way: No, don’t wait to revamp those sofas or that classy chair in your living room. Go for a designer fabric and redesign your sofas. A comfortable, well-made sofa will get all the attention. You just need to design and reupholster it right.

Pillows for that Luxe Effect: An instant way of giving a makeover to your home is by adding pillows. Bring pairs of big cushions and pillows in contrasting patterns, colours and textures and instantly revamp your home. It is one of the easiest and quickest ways of infusing a new look and luxury effect. And remember big and contrasting pillows should be your guide.

Neutral Textures: When it comes to texture at home go for neutrals. Just explore a variety of materials and play-up with a neutral décor. You can explore linen, silk, velvet or cotton, but as far as possible amplify on neutral textures. If you want that luxe touch, then go for velvet and silk that has that sheen effect giving a lustrous touch.

Home Decor 4

Go for Investment Pieces: You should go for that pricey, antique and place it to display. Maybe, go for one or maximum two such pieces. But they should definitely be the extraordinary ones that stand apart and draw all the attention. Try to place them in some utilitarian room.

Free Flowing Home: Most importantly, when you redesign your home keep it a free flowing one. So, when you buy that souvenir on your next holiday you should be able to place it anywhere in your existing home décor with ease.

Your home should always be a continuously evolving one. Make it comfortable and inspiring, one in which work is always in progress.

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