Smart Solutions for Enhanced Living

The second episode of ‘On The REcord – Decoding Realty’ titled ‘Is Your Home Smarter Than You are?’ was aired on 21 July 2021. An expert panel shared insights on how intelligent homes are steadily becoming an integral part of living and unlocking the next level of convenience and efficiency.
Highlights from the episode

  • A smart home is a setup that connects and controls all the appliances we regularly use through technology.
  • These homes help facilitate an easier life and plugs into the lifestyle requirements of the resident.
  • Every home is unique, and therefore the functionality of each smart home differs as well. Some homeowners are looking to enhance the security of their homes, while others are more inclined towards convenience.
  • Every house is built on the preferences of the people living in it and is an extension of their style.
  • A buyer’s choice will determine the first few aspects of a smart home.
  • Homebuyers today are no longer sceptical about automation; most of the urban population has had some degree of exposure to automation and smart devices. Hence, it is easier to adopt and utilize this technology to make life more efficient.
  • With smart furniture gaining traction, ‘smart’ is set to be an integral component of the affordable housing segment as well.

With the human quotient at the centre, smart homes are set to transform the way we live. It promises a simpler future that is designed to ensure comfort, safety and holistic well-being.
Husna Rahaman | Principal Creative Diretcor – Fulcrum Studios
G Mohan | Chief Innovation Officer – Sylvian Labs
Abbasali Ookabhoy | President – Puravankara Limited
Minol R. Ajekar
Group Head | Corporate Communication & CSR, Puravankara Ltd.
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