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Your Home is at Your Fingertips

Today, technology enables us to control integral functions at home with a couple of taps on a mobile application or voice command. Right from adjusting the room temperature, having real-time visuals of all corners of the property, or checking-in house guests – Smart Homes have redefined comfort and security.

We have merely scratched the surface of the full potential of smart technology.

Smart products are hyper customizable and can consistently evolve with the user’s preferences and routines. They are also known for being energy-efficient in their function and cost-effective as an investment. The predictive analysis embedded within them helps map energy consumption and pre-empt risk-prone situations such as water leaks, power failure, and fire. Furthermore, a smart home is designed to promote the overall well-being of the residents.

Puravankara’s BluNex Life, for instance, is a pioneer in next-generation intelligent homes. With a dual focus on convenience and wellness, BluNex Life goes beyond automation to enable smarter and healthier living. It offers features such as biometric security, intelligent motion sensors, a virtual home assistant, and 24×7 remote access to the home from anywhere globally. Homes powered by BluNex are equipped with oxygenated clubs, purified drinking water off the taps, and access to lush, green spaces.

The fundamental objective of smart homes is to simplify life. Homeowners who are looking to switch to an intelligent home are often met an array of options. While cloud-based platforms have made it easier for devices (of various brands) to sync better, identifying the right product – that fits the user’s needs and the layout of the property – can still be tedious.

The upcoming episode of On The REcord – Decoding Realty, ‘Is your Home Smarter than you are?’ is geared to answer fundamental questions about smart homes. A panel of experts will offer guidance and valuable insights about the latest smart home tech and the right way to transform your home into an intelligent one. They would also dive into effective space utilization and creative elements that can liven up a home.


Husna Rahaman – Principal Creative Director | Fulcrum Studios

G. Mohan – Chief Business Officer | Silvan Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Abbasali Ookabhoy – President – Design | Puravankara Ltd.


Minol R. Ajekar – Group Head – Corp Comm & CSR | Puravankara Ltd.

Date – 21 July 2021
Time – 5 pm – 6 pm IST

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