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Flats in Bengaluru | Luxury Apartments and Villas for Sale in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, the silicon valley of India, has emerged as a lucrative spot for real estate investors, offering a high return on investment and rental income. The demand for residential apartments in Bengaluru has been increasing for the past few years. Seamless connectivity, a pleasant climate, and the growing IT sector attract many investors to the city. Despite the pandemic, the property prices in Bengaluru have not witnessed any violent fluctuations and the real estate market of the city has not lost its momentum.

The rise in the number of projects and various residential options available to choose from has made it possible for buyers from all economic classes to buy an apartment in Bengaluru. For those who are looking for a stable market with long-term benefits, Bengaluru has many attractive options. Featuring ample career opportunities with a favourable standard of living makes Bengaluru a perfect destination to buy a property.

Our residential properties in Bengaluru are self-contained units, built-in convenient locations, with proximity to parks, hospitals, schools, colleges, retail outlets, and restaurants and top-class amenities such as swimming pools, jogging track, amphitheatre, gym, yoga room, play area, and more.

Purva Blubelle

Magadi Road, Bengaluru

Residential Apartments: 3 BHK L Type 1 & 3 BHK R Type 2

Unit Size: 1434 SFT Onwards*

Price: 2.16 Cr Onwards*

Status: Ongoing

Purva Park Hill

Off Kanakapura Road, Bengaluru

Residential Apartments: 3 BHK

Unit Size: 1748 SFT Onwards*

Price: 1.94 Cr Onwards*

Status: Ongoing

Purva Celestial

International Airport Road, Bengaluru

Residential Apartments: 2 BHK

Unit Size: 1034 SFT Onwards*

Price: 1.07 Cr Onwards*

Status: Ongoing

Purva Meraki

HSR Layout, Bengaluru

Residential Apartments: 3 BHK

Unit Size: 2519 SFT Onwards*

Price: 4.14 Cr Onwards*

Status: Ongoing

Purva Atmosphere

Thanisandra Main Road, Bengaluru

Residential Apartments: 3 BHK

Unit Size: 1680 SFT Onwards*

Price: 2.90 Cr Onwards*

Status: Ongoing

Purva Sparkling Springs

Off Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru

Residential Villas: 3 BHK

Unit Size: 3,335 SFT Onwards*

Price: 4.60 Cr Onwards*

Status: Ongoing

Purva Symphony

Off Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru

Residential Villas: 3 BHK

Unit Size: 3,335 SFT Onwards*

Price: 4.60 Cr Onwards*

Status: Ongoing

Purva Zenium

Hosahalli, International Airport Road, Bengaluru

Residential Apartments: 2 BHK

Unit Size: 1200 SFT Onwards*

Price: 1.42 Cr Onwards*

Status: Nearing Possession

Purva Orient Grand

Lalbagh Road, Bengaluru

Residential Apartments: 3 & 4 BHK

Unit Size: 1991 SFT Onwards*

Price: 5.50 Cr Onwards*

Status: Ongoing

Purva Promenade

Hennur Road, Bengaluru

Residential Apartments: 2 BHK

Unit Size: 1232 SFT Onwards*

Price: 1.19 Cr Onwards*

Status: Ongoing

The Sound of Water

Off Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru

Residential Villas: 3 & 4 BHK

Unit Size: 2611 SFT Onwards*

Price: 3.50 Cr Onwards*

Status: Ready to move-in

Purva Tiara

JP Nagar, Bengaluru

Residential Villas: 5 BHK

Unit Size: 6500 SFT Onwards*

Price: 7.50 Cr Onwards*

Status: Ready to move-in

Enhance Your Quality of Life

The epitome of a luxurious home is not just a well-constructed home. Rather, a luxurious home is one whose amenities allow its owner to feel lavished. Puravankara, the best and most trusted property developer in South India, offers you homes with plenty of amenities to make your living a pleasant and delightful experience.

We offer modern and luxury apartments for sale in Bengaluru that come with special conveniences and features such as a swimming pool, backyard tennis court, fully-stocked kitchen, in-house gym and meditation center, and lavish garden. Our apartments/villas are constructed at the best location that features within or nearby amenities to ensure all its residents a great lifestyle. Depending on your needs, you can choose from one, two, three, four, and five BHK properties in Bengaluru.

Why Choose Puravankara?

We understand each person has various requirements and budgets concerning buying a home. To help you get what you need, we have different types of projects, including apartments, villas, and flats that are ready-to-move-in and constructed at the best locations of North Bengaluru and South Bengaluru. All you need to do is to explore our projects to find the one that suits your lifestyle, preferences, and budget. With 13+ projects in Bengaluru and a commitment to quality, Puravankara is one of India’s leading listed real estate companies in Bengaluru.

We deliver projects on time and in excellent condition, which have earned us customers’ trust and loyalty. Our expertise and excellence at work have earned us numerous awards in various categories, including the most trusted real estate brand, the best residential developer, the best residential property, customer choice award, villa project of the year, franchise estate awards, and many more. Undoubtedly, Puravankara is the best place to buy a flat in Bengaluru.

Some of the amenities and facilities associated with our residential projects include:

puravankara Quality life

In-House Gym

With the Indians paying more attention to health and fitness, Puravankara understands the need for fitness centres/gyms and has set up gyms at the forefront of all its properties. With access to a wide range of facilities and equipment, users can maintain a great level of fitness.

puravankara Quality life

Excellent Hospitality Service

Our maintenance team ensures the apartments are well-maintained for all day-to-day activities. The hospitality services provided by our maintenance team ensure that all the functions are done right on time without causing any hassle to the residents.

puravankara Quality life

Jogging Tracks

All our residential projects have jogging tracks with scenic landscapes to facilitate a great ambiance. Those who prefer outdoor workouts over gyms can engage themselves in some open-air workouts in the large open spaces available in the communities.

puravankara Quality life

Other Amenities

Our residential projects include a wide range of amenities like amphitheatre, parks, gardens, children’s play area, car parking, gyms, swimming pool and more.


  • Why is Bangalore the best city to buy an apartment or flats in India?

    For a number of reasons, Bangalore is regarded as one of the greatest places to purchase an apartment or condo in Bangalore. Due to the city is thriving computer economy, there are many competent individuals looking for accommodation. As a result, Bangalore is seeing a sharp increase in demand for apartments and flats. Bangalore also has a fantastic climate, top-notch educational facilities, and a thriving cultural scene, which draw visitors from a wide range of backgrounds. The city is real estate market has consistently expanded, offering profitable investment options. Bangalore, which prioritizes urban planning and infrastructure development, also provides a wide range of housing alternatives, including apartments, to suit various tastes and budgets.

  • Why invest in projects developed by Puravankara?

    Purchasing apartments in Bangalore from Puravankara might be a wise choice, particularly when considering flats in Bangalore. Puravankara is renowned for their attention to detail, use of contemporary facilities, and dedication to sustainability. They have a proven track record of completing high-quality residential buildings in Bangalore. The business is known for sticking to strict construction standards and completing projects on schedule. Furthermore, Puravankara developments have significant appreciation potential over time because of their strategic placements, which are frequently in Bangalore most desirable neighborhoods.

  • Which are the best places in Bangalore to buy an apartment or flat for living?

    The greatest areas in Bangalore to think about purchasing an apartment for sale include Bannerghatta Road, Magadi Road, Kanakapura Road, Hosahalli, Somasundarapalya Main Road, and Thanisandra Main Road.

  • What should I know before buying a flat in Bangalore?

    Before buying a luxury apartment in Bangalore, it is important to consider several key factors. Firstly, thoroughly research the real estate developer and their track record in delivering high-quality luxury projects.

  • What to check before buying a flat in a particular location in Bangalore?

    Before buying a flat in a specific location in Bangalore, it is important to conduct thorough research. Consider the following factors as you assess different projects in Bangalore:

    1) Infrastructure and Connectivity: Check the infrastructure development in and around the location. Assess the quality of roads, public transport facilities, and proximity to key areas such as workplaces, schools, and healthcare facilities.

    2) Neighborhood Analysis: Evaluate the surrounding neighborhood for factors such as safety, access to daily conveniences like grocery stores, pharmacies, and recreational spaces. Consider the quality of life the neighborhood offers.

  • What documents are necessary to buy an apartment in Bangalore?

    When buying a premium apartment in Bangalore, it is crucial to ensure that all necessary legal and financial documents are in order. Some of the essential documents required for purchasing an apartment in residential projects in Bangalore include:

    Sale Deed: This document serves as the legal proof of ownership and transfer of the property from the seller to the buyer.

    Mother Deed: It contains a record of the property’s ownership history, tracing its ownership through various transactions. It is an important document to establish the title of the property.

    Building Approval Plan: This document, issued by the local municipal authority, confirms that the residential project has received the necessary approvals for its construction.

    Completion Certificate: It is issued by the relevant authorities after the construction of the project is completed, confirming that it adheres to all building codes and regulations.

    No Objection Certificate (NOC): This document is usually required in the case of resale properties and serves to confirm that there are no objections from the developer or housing society for the property transfer.

  • Are there any specific rules or guidelines for NRIs looking to buy flats in Bangalore?

    Yes, there are specific rules and guidelines for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) looking to buy residential apartments in Bangalore. NRIs are permitted to invest in real estate properties in India, including residential apartments, subject to certain conditions and restrictions.

    Here are some key considerations:

    Eligible Properties: NRIs are allowed to purchase both residential apartments in Bangalore and commercial properties, with certain restrictions on agricultural land, plantation property, and farmhouses.

    Funding: NRIs can fund their property purchase through inward remittances from abroad via normal banking channels or through funds held in their Non-Resident External (NRE) accounts, Non-Resident Ordinary (NRO) accounts, or Foreign Currency Non-Resident (FCNR) accounts.

    Repatriation: NRIs are permitted to repatriate the sale proceeds of immovable property in India, subject to specified conditions. There are limits on the repatriation of funds, and the property should have been purchased in accordance with the foreign exchange regulations in force at the time of the purchase.

    Documentation: NRIs are required to submit specific documents such as a copy of their passport, PAN card, and proof of residence, along with other documents typically required for property purchase in India.

    Taxation: NRIs should be aware of the tax implications of owning property in India, including property taxes, rental income, capital gains, and wealth tax.

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